vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) Networking with NSX

In this demo, provides an overview of NSX networking for vSphere Integrated Containers. I already have a environment on containers with vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC), be sure to check out our guide here:
We can use NSX to provide micro segmentation of the container workloads.

Security Group

First we need to create security groups for virtual machines, use of security groups with dynamic membership can help us ensure that containers have the right level of security policies applied to them. 



For the time being, i have only a container created.


Distributed Firewall Configuration

Now, we”ll create some rules and allow only required traffic:

  • We will allow only the  protocol HTTP

Click on Firewall and ADD Rule and input Name rule.


Now we’ll configure Source and Destination:








In web traffic: Allow and click Publish.


With this, only o container diy_linux will be able to communicate with the web server (diy_linux…) only allow traffic on a specific port (http/https).

That’s all for now!

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