How to Run Nginx Workloads with vSphere Integrated Containers

Now, I’ll demo how easy it is to create a container using VMware’s Integrated Container feature. In this example, we will be creating the container using Docker for Windows.


In machine with docker for windows installed, open PowerShell. We need adding a new environmental variable to that we can point docker to our VCH’s Docker API Endpoint address. Run “docker info” we can see we are now looking at the vSphere Integrated Containers platform.


Now, let’s create our first conteiner. We’ll run the following syntax:                             docker –tls run -p 8180:80 –name diy_web01 -d nginx docker2

Now we go to test…


We”ll create a conatiner Linux.                                                                                                docker –tls run –name diy_linux vmware/photon:2.0


Thanks in advance!

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