Part 3 – Backup Job: Veeam vSphere + Hpe Simplivity

To create a new backup job, follow the instructions listed below:

Step 1: On the Home tab, click Backup Job Virtual machine.


Step 2: Fill in a name and description, and click Next:


Step 3: Click Add.


Step 4: Select the VM or VM container in the list and click Add and click Next


Step 5: Choose the backup repository where to store the backups and the amount of restore points. Click Next


Step 6: Click Next, we’ll not enable application-aware image-processing and guest file system indexing in the lab.


Step 7: Configure the backup schedule and Click Apply.


Step 8: Review the job settings.  Select the Run the job when I click Finish check box if you want to start the job right after you finish working with the wizard.

Click the Finish.


Step 9:  Job in progress


Step 10: Job Finished


Part 1 – Install Veeam on HPe Simplivity
Part 2 – Adding VMware vSphere Servers


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