Tips to Prepare for the Nutanix NCAP 5.10

There’s a lot of great articles on the internet about the NCAP exam. I only will list the tools I used to study for the NCAP 5.10 exam.

The blueprint guide is your roadmap to what is covered on the Certification exam and provides links to resources for additional study. My study for the exam was guided by it.

2- Training Online
The first thing I did when I was preparing for the certification exam was to take the Enterprise Cloud Administration (ECA) Online 5.10 training available on the Nutanix University portal, this course is recommended for NCAP certification.

3 – Laboratory Practice
I recommend that you do as much testing as possible in the lab. Repeated practice in the lab is best. If you don’t have a full cluster available, use or Nutanix CE. For running Nutanix CE on a VMware Workstation click here.

4 – Next Community
The Nutanix Next Community is a great social interaction site where you can connect with other people around the world to share knowledge and experiences about Nutanix.

Other Tips:
The Nutanix Bible and the techTopX Youtube are excellent references for studying for the NCAP 5.10 exam.

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