VMworld 2019 Summary

Vmworld was without a doubt one of my best professional and personal experiences as well. Guys because it was the first time I left Brazil alone. I had already gone to Orlando earlier this year for the Citrix event, but this one I went with the people from work who had already gone a few times, so I went there without much concern. This time alone, I had to prepare everything in advance: ticket purchase, hotel, health insurance, internet plan and budget with extra costs.

Surely VMworld is one of the biggest virtualization events in the world, people from all over the world are there. At first I got a little lost, but then I got the hang of it. A very important advice is not to charge yourself so much. If you have an interesting session that you wanted to attend, but lost time because you found a friend or were currently participating in another activity, for example. Although the event is 5 days, it happens very fast. So relax and enjoy.

Let’s go to the tips:

Enjoy all of it and don’t pressure yourself that much. If you get tired, rest, have a drink and relax.
Shoes and light clothes, you will walk a lot. My feet in the late afternoon always hurt.
Bring a suitcase with few clothes. You will win many shirts and socks.
Try to stay as close as possible. I was 8 minutes from the event, best thing I did. There was always time to go to the hotel to drop off or pick something up.
If you want to take a certification exam, take advantage of the discount. I am already planning for next year to take my first VCAP certification.
And most important of all … COMMUNICATE, ask, talk to people, ask questions. Be sure to do this only at the event, start early, participate in the communities, there is always someone willing to help you.
If the budget is short, look for someone to share the hotel with.

These were some of the VMworld 2019 ads in San Francisco:
1  – VMware Tanzu 
      VMware Tanzu Completes the Modern Applications Picture

2 – Project Pacific

3 – Mission Control 


In another moment I will talk about each announcement made, believe many new things to study. But no need to be scared, there is a lot of public material from VMware and people wanting to share knowledge. Those who did not have the opportunity to go can download all sessions here.

So I wrap up my first VMworld, no doubt it was one of the best IT events I’ve ever been to. For sure next year if I have the opportunity I will go again. Below are my contacts. Anyone who wants to see other photos besides the event, such as some tours I took there, like wax museum, baseball game and some beers that I had in some pubs can follow me on Instagram. In Instragram I left some stories saved with the themes Pre-Vmworld and #VMworld. Take a look there and like, share and comment on the photos.


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