VMworld 2019 – Sunday

VMworld ended last week, it was 5 very intense days. In this post series I will describe my experience during this week, telling how each day of the event was.
I started Sunday doing the accreditation; there is a place dedicated to it.


In this space I took my backpack and my badge, which allowed me to have access to the whole event.

Although Sunday was one of the least busy days, some sessions were already happening, but I didn’t schedule any. I booked the day to get to know the place and get together with some friends.
I spent at Hands-ON Lab, a place where we can make available vmware labs. The cool thing about this space is that we can do the labs with the vmware engineers helping us, if needed.

I also enjoyed and met the Lounge, where there were pool tables and other games, as well as a nice space to stretch your legs.

At the end of Sunday there was the opening of solutions Exchange, with a Veeam reception, serving food and drinks. The Solutions Exchange was one of the places I stayed at VMworld. This place has booths from various manufacturers, where I had the opportunity to meet new products and lots of interesting people.

In the early evening I passed by the VMUG event. The reception was at the SPIN pub, very close to Vmword, a very nice environment. There I was welcomed and met a number of VMUG leaders, and of course there were a lot of games, food and drinks.

By my Garmin 735 watch I monitored my entire journey of the day. Look how far I’ve gone:


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