Deploying Citrix NetScaler on Nutanix AHV

In this post i’m going to demonstrate how to install Citrix ADC on Nutanix AHV. Nutanix AHV has been certified by Citrix to run the Citrix ADC Appliance.

I really got benefit from an article written by René Bigler to build it up.

Step 1: Download the Citrix ADC appliance for KVM from:


Step 2: Let’s need to extract the disk image from this file.


Step 3: Log in to Prism -> click Settings -> Click Image Configuration -> In the Image Configuration -> Click on Upload Image.


Step 4: Enter a Name.
             In Image Type select disk.
            Select the container where you want to sit your Citrix ADC.
Click Save to upload.

Step 5: Let’s go to the VM page and Click Create VM.


Step 5: Click Add New Disk


Step 6: Click Add New NIC.


Step 7: Click Save to create the VM.

Note: Nutanix does not automatically add serial ports. If you boot the Citrix ADC VM and it stops at the message “Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf”, add the serial port to the VM using the steps below:


We have to connect to the Nutanix CVM and execute the following command, replace  with the name of the VM

acli vm.serial_port_create  type=kServer index=0

Step 8: Power on the VM.

Step 9: Log in to the NetScaler CLI with the nsroot / nsroot. Now let’s go initial IP configuration by entering config ns.

> config ns


> save ns config


Step 10: Now can we browse to the NetScaler IP and log into the management interface to set up and configure all the shiny NetScaler features.


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