My first VMworld

With VMworld a few days to go, I got some time to write about this experience that I will soon be experiencing. Anyone with me knows this is going to be my first VMworld. Last month I received an email from VMware stating that I got the blogger pass for the event. Since then I started looking for tickets and hotel.

This year VMworld will be in San Francisco … yeah guys, nothing is cheap there. Last year it was in Las Vegas and some friends told me that things are cheaper there than in San Francisco.

The first thing I did was to buy the tickets, so I wouldn’t doubt it. Buying the ticket was not that hard. Since I didn’t have much time I researched little and I was only worried about the date of arrival and departure. I’ll get there on Saturday and I’ll be back on Friday morning. The event officially starts on Monday, but on Sunday there will be a lot to do there. After the tickets, it was the time for the hotel. And I’ll tell you what, it was the most boring part.

Besides the sessions, one of the coolest things about the event is being able to meet new people … that guy who always saves you with that interesting blog or VMTN questions.

You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I will post a lot of nice pictures of VMworld.

I will leave below some links from the most experienced colleagues, since they have been a few times and also share several cool tips:

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