Upgrading Nutanix AOS

In my LAB CE Cluster, we’ll review the simples steps on how to update Nutanix CE to the latest version. Let’s upgrade our AHV Version from 2018.05.01 to 2019.02.11.

In this article, we’ll see the steps to upgrade the Acropolis OS (AOS). For all the information:


Step 1: Log on to the Prism web console

Step 2: Click on “Gear” –> Upgrade Software


Step 3: Uploading the AOS base software manually. Click the upload an AOS binary.


Step 4: Click Choose File to browse your computer for the AOS metadata and binary files, and click Upload Now.


The wizard will start uploading.


Step 5: When the upload process is completed, click Upgrade > Upgrade Now.


Step 6: Click Yes to confirm.


Step 7: The upgrade process will start.



After host reboot and you will get prompted to log.


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  1. Thank you for the instructions above. I dd the steps but got the following error message: Software is not compatible with the current installed NOS version. Any clues on how to solve this?


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