My way to the awards Citrix Technology Professional (CTP)

Hi guys!!!!
I’ll tell a brief report about my way to the awards CTP.

Hard Work

The year 2018 had already begun with many challenges. I started some projects involving Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix ADC technologies in some states of Brazil. The projects were quite challenging, involving Technologies that I had not mastered yet (GSLB, DNSSEC, WAF, PVS, AppDNA). Due to these new projects I started to get involved in the Citrix community, where I had the opportunity to meet other professionals who helped me. With that I ended up engaging in the community and I was also able to make my contributions in the Citrix forum. Some of these experiences have already been posted here on the blog, and others have been written for future publications.


This year of 2019 has already started with a loto f cool news. Citrix Summit, come on !!! This was my first international event so you can imagine the how anxious I was. What about the event? Simply amazing! It was a time of great learning, where I had the opportunity to meet with professionals that I had just had contact through the internet. It was very nice to be able to meet the authors of some of the blogs which I am a loyal reader. I would like to thank Quales Tecnologia for the opportunity to participate in this event.

Now follow the photos from the blog.

The Surprise

When I get home from work, always before dinner, I have a habit of taking the time to respond to forums and emails. That’s when I came upon a happy surprise. I confess it was exciting when I read the email for the first time and I could not believe it.

The penny has dropped. I’m a CTP

I feel extremely happy and honored with the CTP designation. I would like to thank the opportunity to be part of this selected group of professionals. I am very excited and I hope to contribute even more to the community.

You can check the full list of CTPs for 2019 here

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