Preparing Cluster and Hosts – Part 3

After the deployment of the NSX appliance we will prepare the esxi hosts for the NSX.

This step will install the variety of VIBS – VXLAN, distributed Firewall, Distributed Routing and user world agent into every ESXi host.

Login to vCenter Server using vSphere Web Client and Navigate to Networking & Security > Installation > Host Preparation. Choose your cluster and click the Install link.

This step is a simple tasks of few clicks to install required VIBs on the ESXi hosts.

I used this link:

Once the installation is completed, The installation status will change with the Green Check Mark along with the NSX Version of code (6.4.2) running in the cluster along with Enabled Status for Firewall.


Once Cluster preparation is completed, It time to configure the VXLAN. Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) enables you to create a logical network for your virtual machines across different networks. To configure the VXLAN, Login to the Web Client > Networking & Security > Installation > Host Preparation-> Configure .  A wizard will ask for VXLAN networking configuration details. This will create a new VMkernel port on each host in the cluster as the VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint (VTEP).


Now that we have finished installing the VIBs and configuring the VMware VTEP, let’s create our first Logic Switch and start the game.

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