Deploy NSX – Part 1

In this series of posts I will show the installation and configuration of NSX 6.4.2 in a laboratory environment, all this installation was done in Cloud Ravello. The environment where I will install NSX is a vSAN lab. To know how to configure VMware vSAN in Cloud Ravello see this other post. This lab I used as part of my preparation for the VCP-NV exam. Anyone interested in knowing how my path to certification was, click on the link.

Here we will deploy the NSX appliance.

From this point the deployment is quite linear,  as the following images:


Choosing Datacenter, change virtual machine name and accept terms.

I selected the datastore.


I Select network


Now, the most interesting part: custoization, including several info, from password (either GUI and CLI), network properties, DNS and Services:

Click finish


After the NSX deployment, the next step is to connect to the NSX management console and add the vCenter server.


Once OVF deployment is completed, Access the NSX Manager Admin portal from your web browser.

After registering vCenter in NSX, we will connect to vCenter. In this first logon after the deployment of NSX it is normal it takes a little longer to get into vCenter. This behavior is already expected.


In this post I show all the steps to implement the NSX appliance and integration with vCenter, in this next post we will configure our first NSX controller.

Deploying NSX Controller – Part 2

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