How to Install VCSA on Ravello System


This is a lab deployment of VMware vCSA 6.7 on Ravello System. The idea today is to do an install/config of VCSA 6.7. Including all the requirements such as DNS forward and reverse records, etc.

Step 1

Host Esxi (vSphere 6.7) and a virtual machine (Windows Server 2016) must installed. In this post you have all the steps to install esxi hosts.


mount iso

  • Preparation DNS

Step 2 – Install VCSA

Browse to the path as show


Choose the install option.


Click next to continue


Accept the license agreement.


Choose the deployment type


Enter the ESXI host details on which VCSA will be deployed. You get the certificate warning, click YES to continue.

Setup the name and password of the VCSA.


Choose the deployment size based on your environment. This environment is lab, i chose Tiny.


Select the datastore to store VCSA data.


Configure Network settings for the VCSA.


Review all configurations and click Finish to start the deployment.


Wait some minutes to finish the deployment.


In a browser, navigate to the appliance management at port 5480.


Click Setup Up and enter root and password of the VCSA.


Click Next

Verify the IP and VM settings. Configurations made in the Stage 1.


Configure the SSO Domain for new VCSA.


Review all settings and click Finish, you might get warning, click ok to start.

Wait for the installation to finish.

Login the appliance management page to view the vCenter build and other details.


Access the vCenter Server 6.7. You can choose beetween HTML5 Client or Flex Client. I prefer Flex Client.


Thats all for today!

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  1. Hello, I try to do it the same, and I ´m doing all action you explain (and more extra actions, inverse zone, PTR…) but when starting this installation stack at 80% at stage 1 and not continue, error, “failed to get url of file in guest vm” Virtual machine VCSA deploy in ESX but it isn´t works because stuck at Phyton screen in starting operatym system, can you help me to solve this problem? Thanks


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