Deploy VMware vSAN – Part 2

This step we will configure the prereques to create the cluster.

Step 1 – Add tree nodes in the vCenter


 Step 2 – Migration switch virtual standard to vds

First, let’s create the networking layer based on a Distributed Switch and 3 portgrpoups


  • vds_mgt = Management Traffic
  • vds_vm-prod = Network Virtual Machine
  • dvs_vsan = VSAN Traffic

Next, let’s add all the hosts to the DVS and to move the existing one from controlling only management to manage vMotion , and moving it to the VDS from the Standard switch.

  • 400GB for capacity
  • 50GB for cache


Step 4 – Mark disk as Flash Disk

This is the point where I’ll enable the SSD disk.


This brings a small warning window saying that you might deteriorate the performance of datastores and services that use them, but if you’re sure on what you’re doing, then go ahead and validate on Yes button.


After few seconds the disk turns into a SSD disk.


In the next post we will enable vSAN.


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