New release VMware vSAN

6.6.1 has just been released.


VMware Update Manager build recommendations for vSAN. Update Manager can scan the vSAN cluster and recommend host baselines that include updates, patches, and extensions. It manages recommended baselines, validates the support status from vSAN HCL, and downloads the correct ESXi ISO images from VMware.

vSAN requires Internet access to generate build recommendations. If your vSAN cluster uses a proxy to connect to the Internet, vSAN can generate recommendations for patch upgrades, but not for major upgrades.

Performance diagnostics. Performance diagnostics analyzes previously executed benchmark tests. It detects issues, suggests remediation steps, and provides supporting performance graphs for further insight. Performance Diagnostics requires participation in the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).

Increased support for locator LEDs on vSAN disks. Gen-9 HPE controllers in pass-through mode now support vSAN activation of locator LEDs. Blinking LEDs help to identify and isolate specific drives.

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